Decode Your Destiny

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Decode Your Destiny

Life often feels accidental, as though luck is what separates the best from the rest. And it’s true that many decisions, matters and events are outside of our control, and mostly we blame them for our bad luck i.e. gender, parents, age, ethnicity, demography etc but these things have no direct or indirect connection with what called LUCK. The ingredients of a good luck are totally in our control if we start to understand how our brains work, and how invisible biases and patterns influence our behaviour, then we can learn how to be luckier.

So do your best to position yourself for luck. Expand your social network, stay curious, work hard, be prepared and say yes to new opportunities. Good luck is a combination of hard work, confidence, positivity, initiatives, good deeds, contributing to the echo system through body, mind, intellect and spirituality. This decodes our destiny and one will be called luckier.

There are four scenarios which decide our good or bad luck. In fact, there is no luck at all, if we understand these scenarios and position ourselves accordingly. These four scenarios explained in my upcoming book i.e. “Decode Your Destiny” through which one can explore the grand scheme of possibilities around us and will witness that there is no such thing called BAD LUCK!

By Farooq Khan

Decode Your Destiny

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