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Our Vision

To Be Recognized Globally for Professional Management & Development Services

Our Mission

Maximizing Human Resource Potential & Organizational Development through the application of Industry’s Best Practices, Knowledge and Skills

Our Values

PMEye Consulting, the management and staff own the following values:

  • Customer’s satisfaction
  • Kaizen – ‘Continuous improvement’ Innovation
  • Transformation
  • Passion
  • Honesty

What we do?

PMEye is helping organizations and individual to improve their performance and become the best version of their selves. PMEye solves organizational and individual business challenges with the right type of training and service. We provide solutions in three basic areas:

  • Consulting – Services
    • Provide Specialized services under Project & Programs Assessment, Surveys, Evaluations & Proposal Developments
    • Establishing project management and project offices, set-up and optimization of processes, portfolio management.
    • Ensuring & gauging project quality through Analysis, Assessment, Surveys & Evaluation.
    • Establishing organization & Empowering Startup Businesses through coaching and mentoring,
    • Establishing new Companies or firms from scratch with hand holding in-process i.e. Registration (legal consultation), Business/organizational structure, staff recruiting, office setup till sustainable operationalization.
  • Education and Professional Development
    • Hard skills: Planning, management, efficiency assessment, and more.
    • Soft skills: Self-improvement, leadership & motivation, teamwork, and more.
    • Simulations: Training in realistic project simulation, intense experience and in-depth feedback.
  • Project(s) Management & Implementation
    • Our project manager can assume the management of your project; representation is guaranteed.
    • We make use of trusted methods and established principles of good practice, together with common sense.
    • We can form a team with your manager; after the finished project, that expertise stays inside your organization.

PMEye can tailor our services to your requirements, and we are able to provide training in project management in English, Urdu and Pashto including managerial games – project simulation.
Of course, this does not mean that we are solely interested in these particular standards – quite the contrary. We offer training for PMI certification, PMD Pro-01 and we also carefully follow the Prince2 standard. We put the themes of these standards not only into our courses and training but also into our everyday consulting work.

PMEye is growing—not only in the number of its employees and co-workers. We pay great attention to personal and professional development; our consultants and trainers are not only constantly advancing their education but primarily gaining increased experience with the practical aspects of project management under Pakistani and international conditions, which is the greatest added value.

We have at our disposal project managers, consultants, and trainers with international certifications and expertise in global project management standards. Our courses and consultancies have been attended by a substantial number of project team members from diverse organizations, institutions, and firms.

We are ready to guide you on the right trajectory to Success with the precise Project Management & Leadership Trainings and Consulting Services!

Who we are?

We are an international development consulting firm providing advisory and implementation services to the donors, public entities, corporations and non- profit organizations.

Established and Registered in 2009 in London, the United Kingdom under Companies Houses act (C.NO. 09563859) and also registered in Pakistan in 2017 under Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (Corporate Universal Identification No. 0110852). PMEye is also registered with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Authority KPRA (K5270038-7), affirming its compliance with regional tax regulations and emphasizing its commitment to legal and financial responsibilities within the region. PMEye Management Consulting, Intl. has been a prominent Professional Development and Training Solutions Provider for Project-driven organizations, as well as those with Operational models. We cater to the development needs of a wide range of industries including Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Education, Banking, IT, Construction, Oil & Gas, and Industrial & Manufacturing. We are a UK Based organization with offices in London, and an international branch office in Islamabad, Pakistan. We are a Cost-Effective yet efficient, Training and Management Consultancy organization offering project management, business analysis, quality management, leadership development, soft skills training, Career Counseling, Documentaries & IT Solutions, security training & advisories with plans to expand to other regions, and PMEye recently expanded to Southeast Africa.