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Project Management Fundamentals Training

Course Overview

This fundamentals of project management training course will provide delegates with a brief overview of the world of project management.  It covers basic Project Management concepts including project management definitions, project and project management life cycles, types of organizations and who the project stakeholders are.  It also covers five of the ten knowledge areas in enough details for the participants to be able to use them in planning their projects at their work place, including, integration, scope, time, cost and stakeholders management.

The course goes over the 5 process groups: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing.

This course is introductory in nature and can be a great introduction to cross-functional organizations prior to conducting a full PMP® exam prep course.

All students will be supplied with customized course materials.

2 Days

Number of days for Project Management Fundamentals

14 PDUs

Personal Development Units (PDUs)

Course Objectives

This project management fundamentals course will:

  • Introduce delegates to the processes within porject management
  • Teach delegates how to use common project management tools and techniques
  • Provide an opportunity to understand the scope of project manager’s duties – useful for senior managers.


Course is presented as PowerPoint presentations that are explained by the instructor, while keeping students engaged via practical project simulation workshops and topic discussions. Flip charts will be used to demonstrate key points. Students will work in small groups on a simulated project to practice hands-on the concepts they have just learned.


Course will be conducted over a period of 2 days, starting from 8:30 AM and ending at 2:30 PM* daily, with allowances for short refreshment breaks, prayer time, and lunch break. *For in-house courses, timings can be customized by mutual agreement.

Project Management and the Big Picture

  • Defining what a project is – and is not
  • Understanding Projects, Programs, Portfolios, and how they relate to Organizational Strategy
  • Defining project management and the project lifecycle
  • Types of organizational structures – Functional, Projectized, Weak, Balanced & Strong matrix
  • Identifying, analyzing and engaging the project stakeholders

Project Integration Management

  • Writing the project charter—Purpose, contents
  • Developing the Project Management Plan
  • The process of execution
  • The process of monitoring and controlling
  • Using Integrated change control
  • Change requests
  • Corrective & preventive actions

Planning the Project

  • Collecting Project requirements
  • Planning and defining the total project scope
  • Creating the WBS – Scope decomposition, Work packages, WBS dictionary
  • Identifying project activities
  • Estimating activity durations and resources
  • Analogous
  • Bottom Up
  • Parametric
  • Three-point estimates
  • Developing the project schedule
  • Network Diagrams (PDMs)
  • Dependencies & relationships
  • Estimating the project costs
  • Activity costs
  • Project budget
  • Cash flow analysis

Monitoring and Controlling the Project

  • Understanding Scope creep, Gold plating
  • Controlling the project schedule
  • Crashing
  • Fast tracking
  • Controlling the project costs
  • Earned Value analysis
  • Communicating project performance

Closing Out The Project

  • Administrative closure procedures
  • Updating Organizational processes assets
  • Documenting Lessons Learned